Gamification Week 3 Challenge: Bwahahaha!

Krystal’s Report: Victory is Mine!

And it’s about damn time!

I’d like to rub Jessica’s loss in her face, but to be honest, I’m pretty sure the combination of my straightening out my point system and her crazy class schedule are the main reasons for the win. Who am I kidding, I’m totally going to gloat all week about this.

I’d show you my prize, but I got so excited I ate it before I remembered to take a photo. It was a fresh from the oven camembert pastry thingy. Yuuuum.

My revised point system is as follows:

  • 5 points: JLPT Reading Deck (5 new cards + 30 reviews)
  • 4 points: Kanji Damage (10 new cards + reviews)
  • 3 points: JPOD101 cards (5 new cards + 25 reviews)
  • 2 points: Active reading (1 page)
  • 1 point: Core 6000 Anki deck (40 new cards + reviews)

Total Points: 31

What worked: Choosing tasks I would actually be able to do was a huge help, for starters. I like that I had a nice balance of reading and listening activities as well. This was also the first week where I had 3 days of studying more than the minimum of 10 minutes.

What didn’t work: Everything ran fairly smoothly this week. I still haven’t figured out why my phone won’t play my Anki audio. And I still need to fix my lyrics deck so I have a “fun” deck available when I’m burnt out.

What needs to change: Funny story: this week when I locked myself out of the apartment building and called the real estate company, they told me to hold on so they could find someone who spoke Chinese. “Chinese? You mean English?” I asked, baffled. “Aren’t you Chinese?” he responded. I don’t know if being mistaken for a Chinese speaker is better or worse than people thinking I’m American, but either way I clearly need to shadow more.

Takeaways: Guess I don’t respond well to carrots. The -5 point penalty we introduced this week for skipping a day really made me study even when it was past 4 AM and I really, really wanted to go to bed. And one other huge improvement I noticed was that even though it was the last week of classes and start of finals prep, and we were working our lady balls off to get Betterish launched on time, I still followed through with at least 10 minutes of study a day.

Jessica’s Report: OUCH

The first week of penalty and I ate a five point loss! Yikes! Week 3 marks my fall from grace. I knew this day would come. Last week’s comment must have lit a fire under her ass. xD Seriously though, Krystal deserve a round of applause for bringing her A game while I deserve rotten tomatoes for being so inattentive to my studies. Bad Jessica. Bad.

This week’s new and improved point system:

  • 5 points: Translating comics (a page or two depending on how dialogue heavy it is)/lyrics
  • 4 points: Genki I book (one section of grammar lesson/workbook)
  • 3 points: Conversation practice (10 minutes of real discussion)
  • 2 points: Vocab building (Memrise, Anki, or Influent)
  • 1 point: Playing video games in Japanese (10 minutes)

Total Points: 30

What worked:

Still feeling that urge to learn which is actually impressive given the precedence of just how incredibly short my attention span usually is. I also feel very motivated by my 5 point penalty to not let it happen again. My trouble day, Sunday, might just end up being one of my better days based on the amount of irritation that I felt. We shall see soon enough.

What didn’t work:

Even upping the point value did not improve my ability to focus on translation work like I was hoping. Boo. Time management needs to be addressed more with me. Genki I is still as dry as ever but knowing I have other things I need to attend to is making the book intolerable. Yes, finals are hitting me hard, but that doesn’t mean I should just sit back and take my lumps language learning wise.


A pow wow with Krystal suggested maybe trying an easier comic that has more common kanji. The trade-off might help. I picked a comic I really want to read, but it is quite hard. Maybe scaling back given my current level will balance it out better.

Week 3 Point Total:
Jessica: 79
Krystal: 42

Who will win the final baked good delivery? More importantly, who will win the free trip to the butler café? Find out in our Week 4 report!

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