Gamification Week 2 Challenge: Did Jessica Crush Krystal Again??

So who is the sucker who has to buy baked goods this week???


Jessica’s Report: Chugging along

Week two felt like a build up from week one. I began to try to incorporate mini lessons into my daily life, not because of the point system but because I honestly feel like there will be greater improvement if I do.

This week’s point system:

  • 5 points: Conversation practice (10 minutes of real discussion)
  • 4 points: Genki I book (one section of grammar lesson/workbook)
  • 3 points: Translating comics (a page or two depending on how dialogue heavy it is)/lyrics
  • 2 points: Vocab building (Memrise, Anki, or Influent
  • 1 point: Playing video games in Japanese (10 minutes)

Total Points: 32

What worked:

Well, I improved the amount I am doing. It’s a bit surprising that the things I am most excited about are the things I am doing the least at this point. I’m growing fond of sitting on the train and translating advertisements when I am bored, waiting. Better than staring at people staring at their phones, I suppose.

What didn’t work:

I have decided to switch up my tasks because they are a bit out of order, I think. Again, no translation, so upping the ante to five. Conversational practice, being built in with Japanese in-laws, gets lowered to three because it is too convenient to make it high stakes like I was.

I dunno, maybe I am just feeling sympathetic because Krystal is always buying me baked goods. XD


I still feel a bit forced to accomplish tasks. I suppose it is impossible to just wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and gladly attempt to translate manga into English. A pipe dream, that is. I also am thinking maybe I need to scale back the amount of tech I am using. Influent was getting some play time from me because I wanted to be able to write a review of it, but I also feel that maybe I should focus more seriously on furthering one program.

Krystal’s Report: ….Guess my competitive streak isn’t so competitive!

I don’t know why, but I thought since this whole challenge was my idea that I’d win it. Instead, I’m getting my ass handed to me. By someone who always tells me they don’t have the discipline to study at home (this proves her wrong, I guess!).

This week I meant to change my point system, but I forgot. It seemed like cheating to alter it midway through the week, so I faced some of the same challenges as last week. My point system was as follows:

  • 5 points: N1 Grammar Book (1 grammar point)
  • 4 points: JLPT reading Anki deck (5 new cards + 30 reviews)
  • 3 points: Kanji Damage (10 new cards + reviews)
  • 2 points: Lyrics Anki deck (5 new cards + 30 reviews)
  • 1 point: Core 6000 Anki deck (40 new cards + reviews)

Total Points: 12

What worked: Well, I didn’t suck as much (silver lining, people, silver lining). Even if I’m still struggling to get on a roll, I did make an improvement. I also was better about studying my Core 6000 deck as soon as I woke up. And if you know me, you’ll realize that my doing anything but sitting around in a caffeine-deprivation induced stupor is a miracle.

What didn’t work: I had the same problems with decks as I did last week. Plus, my iPhone died, and my new phone doesn’t seem to want to play the audio for my Anki decks.

What needs to change: I simply have to pick better tasks to work on next week. I also have to be better about tracking my points since I know I read this week – but if I don’t track it, it doesn’t count. Grrr.

Takeaways: I saw a huge improvement in consistency and only skipped one day this week. I feel like things are starting to click, even if my point total is embarrassingly low.

Week 2 point totals:
Jessica: 49
Krystal: 14

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